Eternal Beats, LLC.
Las Vegas event promotion & services company.

Eternal Beats has contributed to the local dance music scene for over 20 years. Hosting our own events to bring dance music to the next level utilizing several brand names. Eternal Beats, LLC is as recognized name in the industry. We also provide event services such as production, sound, lasers, lights, decorations in additional to promotional services to bring your own event to life. Contact us today if interested in knowing more!!

More About Us

Our Brands.

Eternal Beats

With a strong focus on psytrance, Eternal Beats brings the latest in cutting edge underground psychedelic dance music.

Eternal Beats Classic

Bringing back the classic sounds of House, Techno, Trance, DnB, Jungle & Breakbeats, Eternal Beats Classic fulfills every persons heart with mixed genre events!

Hard Frequency

Hard Frequency aims to bring the harder styles of dance music with a strong focus on Hard Dance, Hard Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore


New school sounds with an old school twist, ChipGen represents the future of ChipTune, Vido Game Music, Electro & SynthPop dance music in Las Vegas.


Hours of Dancing

Happy Dancers

Eternal Beats has been at the forefront of the Las Vegas dance music scene for over 20 years.  Now producing our own events under several different brands, Eternal Beats has become a household name for Las Vegas dance music events. We hope to see you at our future shows whether its Eternal Beats, Hard Frequency or ChipGen.

We now offer promotional services for any business. If you are looking to reach a new demographic or bring new people to your event or business, we can provide those services. If interested, please use one of the following options on the right to contact us! We look forward to serving you and bringing new attendees to your event.